Monday, February 23, 2009

Blizzard's Conspiracy against Paladins... sorta

Divine Plea. It was beautiful... and overpowered... I loved it so. However, per the tooltip, it used to cut your healing by 20%. Not too bad, workable, trinket and wings pop, and no problem. Well, with the introduction of Divine Plea, and it's mana returning goodness, came the urge for most paladins to gear more towards int, instead of the Crit and MP5 world of the Burning Crusade.

I bit that lure, and was hooked, line and sinker early on. At least until I got my first piece of Tier 7 gear. Once I looked at the stats, I was confused. T7, best at the moment for the tier level
gear, and it's got MP5?

That's when it began. I began to stockpile gear that had MP5, instead of the Int heavy gear that had been dropping, expecting some kind of conspiracy. It appeared that the developers at Blizzard knew that we would love us some int gear, and then, out of nowhere, slam us with the nerfbat, and deem us unworthy of the mana returning goodness of Divine Plea... without a price.

Suddenly there was 3.0.9, and the introduction of the 50% reduction to healing while Divine Plea was up. Basically a raid wide <a href=" Strike</a>, that we could not get rid of, unless we had MP5 coming from other sources.
Could it be? Could Blizzard have known that they would hit us with this, and just give us our day in the sun, only to block it out with a new patch?

Ok, maybe it's not that bad, but I did find it interesting. I fell for it at first. My first run through Naxx, I had Divine Plea cooking all the time. Maybe I was paranoid, and just didn't want to run out of mana and look bad, but it didn't hit my healing abilities that bad.... and I had an ocean of mana to swim in. But I was weary, and after comparing my gear to one of our best pally healers, I thought to myself.... my MP5 is really low, and his is at a decent level. Maybe he's being paranoid like me, but I'm always one to want to go for the best, and he was the best... well that I knew.

So, I started packing in the MP5. And lucky for me, was not affected by the Divine Plea nerf. Sure I still use it, but not very often. In fact I challenged myself to go for a full run in Naxx without using it once. Though it got a bit rough after a botch up during the Grobbulus
fight, and I had to hit it once, to gain what little bit of Mana back that I could, I was able to successfully complete 3 quarters (first night) without Divine Plea. (I will admit that I've been known to use it instead of water, in between pulls, but that just doesn't count, haha.)

What are your experiences with the new Divine Plea.

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