Friday, February 20, 2009

A bit more RP - Anna's Friday Five

I've been reading the blog "Too Many Annas" for a while now, and along the way been picking up on her "Friday Five". I found this kind of fun, since I had already thrown together a back story (nearly 17 chapters worth) for my paladin Khraden. So, here's the latest.

Friday Five (February 20, 2009)
Can your character read and write?
Yes. While Khraden was young, he would often accompany his father on trips to Southshore to meet with merchants and was once part of the town's city council. In addition, his father was once an officer of the Lordaeron Army, long before Lordaeron had it's "life" pulled from
it by Arthas. As once being an officer, Khraden's father, Rand Lionbringer, often met with heads of state, and was required to be able to facilitate meetings, and provide information to others, both verbally, and documented.

This was instilled in Khraden at a young age. In addition, during his training as a Paladin, it was required that he be able to read and recite the blessings of the Holy Light from ancient tomes, in order to protect those he was with.

Is he/she good with numbers and business-like things?
To some extent. As mentioned earlier, Khraden would accompany his father on trips to Southshore to converse with merchants and leaders of the town. Since Azeroth was in a tenuous peace at the time of Khraden's childhood, and early teen years, his father had began a small crop, not much larger than some gardens, to provide for their family. What was left was sold to the merchants in Southshore in return for supplies, or a few silver. This was picked up by Khraden
during their little excursions.

Does your character have a formal (schooled) education or an informal (apprenticed/learned by experience) education? Or both?
Initially, there was little schooling available to Khraden, as he helped his mother and father manage their home and crops. Though when the Scourge Invasion came to pass, Khraden was trained via the school of hard knocks. He learned the ways and values of a paladin early in
his military career, though it was learned on the battlefield alongside Commander Eligor Dawnbringer.

As the Sourge Invasion was fought back, Khraden was able to further hone his skills among the priesthood at the Cathedral of Light. It was here that he also met his future wife, of whom was training as well, but in the ways of a priest beneath Archbishop Benedictus.

Has he/she learned another language than the one they grew up speaking (in full or in part)?
Khraden is fluent in Common, however has picked up some Darnassian during his travels to Teldrassil. He also has become accustomed to some of the Draenei language, as many Paladins have come from their esteemed ranks.

What does your character's handwriting look like?
His handwriting is a bit rough, but easily readable. After so many years of battlefield experience, the skills of finer things such as writing are pushed aside a bit, but as he is constantly learning, that skill is still required.

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